The Ascent Land Records Suite consists of products used for the management of all real estate parcels and personal property accounts. This suite of products provides automation of the activities in the land records related departments within the County. These departments include Register of Deeds, GIS/Mapping, Real Property Listing, Assessment, Surveying, and Treasurer.

Integration is a key component of all of our products. This includes not only integration between the Ascent suites and modules you purchase, but also integration with systems currently used within the County. We have Integration modules to integrate with 3rd party assessment, document imaging, local receipting, mapping, and permit solutions. Our solution is also integrated with the State of Wisconsin’s automated eReturn system for the update of accurate mailing addresses and re-posting of corrected parcel numbers. 

Program Capabilities

  • Property Listing – Create, maintain and manage real estate parcels and personal property accounts. This is essential because we understand the importance of the County’s land information system to provide current, accurate and detailed land records information both current and historical.  In addition, the program provides explicit historical tract of each parcel’s lineage as land boundaries change over time
  • Assessment – Efficiently manages the assessment process from the creation of the work roll through the generation/validation of the final Statement of Assessment
  • Taxation/Settlement – Provides automated method for county treasurer to generate tax bills and perform settlement functions
  • Receipting – Ability to receipt tax payments for real estate parcels and personal property accounts. Functionality is based on the level of access the user is provided (County, Municipality, or Bank). The web-based user interface provides a seamless mechanism for everyone to use the same system and provides immediate updates to a centralized database
  • Municipal Access – Easy methods to update and enter levy and special assessment information and other information required by the county for tax bill generation
  • Public Web Portal – The parcel data stored in the Ascent Land Records database is made available to the public via the public web portal. The unique architecture allows the data to be accessed by the public as soon as it is entered or updated