The Ascent General Receipting Program allows county users to enter and track payments received at the counter or through the mail.  This allows for an efficient workflow for balancing their cash drawer for the deposit of their funds to their financial institution.

Program Capabilities

  • The program provides the ability to enter payments in an open form format by individually selecting each debit and credit account number(s)
  • As a flexible option, the county has the ability to create forms within the program. The user can add account numbers and other pertinent information and set up as a template which improves efficiency
  • The program allows the user to add additional payments other than preset forms in the payment entry screen (i.e. shopping cart style)
  • Certain users (depending on the rights given) will have the ability to complete tasks such as creating departments and establishing account numbers
  • Frequently used payers can be set up which is displayed in a dropdown for ease of use. This provides consistency throughout the county departments
  • Program allows for multiple users to be set up based on department. This allows for flexibility in providing rights to users which is determined by the county
  • Multiple reports are available to improve workflow efficiency. Included in these reports are the Daily Transaction Summary & Payment Type Summary Report which can be queried by date
  • Extensive user documentation and technical support is provided
  • Designed with customizable options to meet the needs and requirements of the county such as the ability to add individual departments and codes based on that department
  • Reduces chance of errors that occur with re-entry of data
  • Ability to create data views from the database provided
  • Easily provides information for the county’s internal accounting system