POWTS Permits Module

"POWTS Permits"   is an inventory and maintenance database for private on-site wastewater treatment systems. The application stores all pertinent information from the sanitary permit application, scanned images of the plan itself, and also provides integration points with the County's parcel management system.

This innovative system automates the maintenance of these systems by automatically generating notices and providing a web portal for the pumpers to easily enter pumping information. This reduces the amount of time the County spends entering these reports into the system manually.


System Features

  • Based on perpetual maintenance schedule to assist pumpers workload
  • Automatic updates of ownership changes in parcel management system.
  • Provides a variety of standard reports, plus the capability to generate custom reports
  • Scanned and PC images can be stored, associates with permits, and viewed by users
  • Built in user security
  • Tracking for any type of septic system
  • Automated notification for missed maintenance
  • Tracking of multiple maintenance schedules per system
  • Proven methods to become compliant with Wisconsin Administrative Code Comm 83.55



  • Creates and efficient data model and overall work flow instead of departmentalized business silos
  • Integration to other systems eliminates redundant data and provides a mechanism to notify appropriate resources of action if action needs to be taken.
  • Improves data accuracy with automated error checking and reduced manual data entry
  • Provides new reports
  • Easy to import/export various data for exchanges between local governments, state departments, and private industry
  • Flexible data model allow for future expansion and integration to others departmental needs
  • Pick lists from database for many things such as system components, manufacturers, tank information, installers, etc.


Web Portal

The "POWTS Permits" software's web portal provides a self service mechanism for the pumpers to enter information about the system they pumped and maintained. This has proven to greatly reduce the need to have internal county staff enter this information and allows them to be more productive in other areas.  Internal alerts are also generated as a result of the information provided in the pumping report. This portal also provides the public access to basic system information and pumping history.

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