Land Use Permits Module

"Land Use Permits" is an inventory and tracking database application for all land use permits issued by the County. The application stores all pertinent information from the permit, tracks activities associates with the permit, and also provides integration points with the County's parcel management system.

Various online queries and reports automate the workflow associated with the lifecycle of the land use permit. The integration with other systems in the county greatly reduces the amount of data that needs to be maintained, and provides a seamless interface to applications such as the County's GIS.

System Features

  • Browser based application requires no desktop client
  • Use defined permit types, violation, project types, project subtypes, etc.
  • Automatic updates of ownership changes in parcel management system.
  • Provides a variety of standard reports, plus the capability to generate custom reports
  • Scanned and PC images can be stored, associates with permits, and viewed by users
  • Built in user security
  • Tracking for any type of land use permit (conditional, stipulated, variance, etc.)
  • Robust activity tracking to automate departmental workflow
  • Support for multiple site addresses associated with parcel, multiple properties associated with permit, multiple permits associates with a property, multiple projects associates with permit
  • Proven methods to become compliant with Wisconsin Administrative Codes
  • Pick lists from database for many things such as permits types, zoning, project types, violation type, activities, etc.


  • Creates an efficient data model and overall work flow instead of departmentalized business silos
  • Integration to other systems eliminates redundant data and provides a mechanism to notify appropriate resources of action if action needs to be taken.
  • Improves data accuracy with automated error checking and reduced manual data entry
  • Provides new reports
  • Easy to import/export various data for exchanges between local governments, state departments, and private industry
  • Flexible data model allows for future expansion and integration to others departmental needs

Functional Components

The "Land Use Permits" software provides a set of integrated components that allow the County to track all permits and activities associates with those permits in one location. The following functional modules are included:

  • Permits
  • Activities
  • Violations
  • Hearing
  • Projects
  • Fees
  • Notes

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