Permit Management Suite


The Ascent-Permit Management Suite consists of products used for the tracking and maintenance of both sanitary and land use permits within the County. This suite of products provides automation of the workflow process of permit application, creation, inspection, and maintenance of various permit types.

Online access to permit information is a key design goal in our permit related products. All information is easily accessible by the public, and also provides an easy mechanism for sanitary maintenance providers to enter inspection/pumping reports online. This eliminates the need to fill out cards to return via mail and also streamlines the County process so it doesn't have to enter the information manually. An automated "Alert" system notifies the County personnel of any issues related to the maintenance of the system.

The system also monitors any scheduled, or performed, "Activity" related to a specific permit or property record. Other items that are tracked are violations, hearings, and fees also associated with a permit or property record.

This software is fully integrated with the County's tax database to provide the most accurate and up to date owner, address, and parcel information. This integration process eliminates multiple data repositories and the constant maintenance required by having multiple parcel databases.

Functional Modules

The Ascent-Permit Management Suite consists of the following modules:

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