Receipting Module

"Receipting" provides the ability to receipt a tax payment for real estate parcels or a personal property accounts. Functionality is based on the level of access the user is provided (County, Municipality, or Bank). The web based user interface provides a seamless mechanism for everyone to use the same system and provides immediate updates to a centralized database.

System Features

  • Multiple payment methods supported
  • Multiple parcels on a single receipt
  • Various lookup methods provided
  • Bar code scanning provides high speed retrieval
  • Common interface for all users
  • Browser based client
  • Easy access to parcel information via links
  • Customized reporting capability


  • Real time information provided to users and taxpayers
  • No software installed on users desktop
  • Robust security architecture
  • Ease of use

All receipt information can be viewed online via the public access level of our Ascent Land Records Suite.

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