Property Listing Module

The "Property Listing" module allows departments and individuals responsible to the property listing functions to create, maintain, and manage real estate tax parcels and personal property accounts. The need for the County's land information system to provide, not only current parcel information, but also accurate and detailed historical land records information is essential. Through its unique parcel creation workflow, Ascent - Land Records provides the County with an explicit historical tract of each parcel's lineage as land boundaries change over time. In addition, individuals can attach notes, alerts, and attachments to current and historical parcels and control visibility and access to each item the individual creates to certain individuals or departments.

A major component of this module is its seamless integration to external systems such as the County's Register of Deeds system, its document imaging system, its geographic information system (GIS), and the DoR's electronic transfer return system (eRETR). This integration provides real-time data integration into Ascent - Land Records from these systems and eliminates redundant data entry in the property listing functions and convenient access to related parcel data in external systems directly, from inside of the Ascent - Land Records application. This allows individuals responsible for property listing functions to focus on verifying the accuracy of data and improving data integrity within the land records system.

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