Assessment Module

The "Assessment" module allows departments and individuals responsible to the assessment functions to effectively manage the assessment process from the creation of the work roll, to the collection of assessment data from municipal assessors, and through the generation and validation of the final Statement of Assessment. Throughout the process, numerous assessment reports and data exports can be generated and easily distributed electronically as PDF, text, or spreadsheet to assessors and municipalities, reducing the amount and cost of paper generated at the County. The assessment process is tracked for each municipality so that, at any time, the County can quickly see at what point each municipality is at in its assessment process.

As with all Ascent - Land Records modules data integration with external system is a key business driver. In the case of assessment functions, Ascent - Land Records integrates to exchange data with Market Drive and other municipal assessment software applications. Integration with other assessment software providers is available on a one-off basis. In situations where a municipal assessor does not utilize an electronic assessment software package, Ascent - Land Records provides its own Property Assessment spreadsheet that automates the input and exchange of assessment data between the County and these assessors. As with other streamlined processes provided through Ascent - Land Records, this eliminates redundant data entry by the County, reducing data errors and improving data accuracy.

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