Transcendent Technologies is a provider of solutions and services for state, county, and local government entities. Our software packages include applications that support parcel management, property taxation, tax payment, general receipting, and permitting activities. Each software package is designed to integrate seamlessly with other government systems including tract indexes, document imaging, geographic information, and financial systems. This design greatly enhances the land management process, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

In addition, our understanding of government processes gives us a unique advantage in assisting government entities with custom development and integration services. Our services group can assist you in optimizing and improving your overall business workflow by ensuring that your systems are integrated.

The principles that motivate and guide us each day are to:

  • Foster long-term, quality relationships with our customers in order to best understand their goals and needs.
  • Offer quality software and services developed with our customers goals and needs in mind.
  • Actively facilitate win-win relationships with our business integration partners.
  • Provide a work atmosphere that promotes employee growth and a stable work-life balance.
"The Ascent software has been a really great product for automating the workflow between our Land Records, Register of Deeds and Treasurer departments. It uses the latest technology to enhance the experience and efficiencies for both our staff as well as the public."

Chad Glaser
Fond du Lac County
Network Coordinator

"The Ascent software has allowed us to become paperless in the assessment and taxation process with our municipalities, the State, and our own records.  In addition, all assessment and tax information became available on our website.  Becoming paperless and the availability of information on our website is a monumental change reaching beyond the confines of my office for efficiencies and reduction of costs.  We're very pleased with Transcendent Solutions."

Karen L. Makoutz, MCT
Ozaukee County Treasurer